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Travel Centers

We Got Ya!

FuelBros joins forces with TA to bring you Travel Centers that welcome truck drivers with friendly 24-hour service, hot meals, cold drinks, snacks, diesel, overnight parking, laundry facilities, showers and clean restrooms.

FuelBros knows the road is your place of business, so look at us as a welcoming oasis on your way to your destination. When it comes to the needs of the road, We Got Ya!

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It all starts with gasoline and diesel. High-quality fuel for your vehicle at the best prices we can provide. We are not here to nickel and dime you. You can count on competitively-priced fuel products every time. Make FuelBros your regular gas-and-go stop knowing that savings await you. 


If you’ve seen the FuelBros, you know we don’t pass up good meals. FuelBros teams up with a variety of mouth-watering restaurants, guaranteed to fuel up your body as well as delight your taste buds. Sbarro, KFC and Black Bear Diner are only some of the well-known brands we offer. In addition, we’ve stocked our stores with a variety of on-the-go treats we know you’ll love. Food keeps us going and FuelBros has the food you want.


If you’re thirsty you’ve come to the right place. FuelBros has you covered from fresh hot beverages to fountain drinks to an assortment of cold bottles and cans. There’s soft drinks, energy drinks, water and more. Need some wine or beer to top off your day? We got ya. It’s all here at your one-stop Travel Center.

Cards and Rewards

FuelBros doesn’t take your business for granted. We make it easy to fuel-up with a variety of personal, commercial and fleet credit cards. Earn rewards with Conoco, Gulf, 76 and Sunoco rewards cards. Be on the look-out for FuelBros special rewards card coming soon!

Check your favorite FuelBros service center to join and start earning now!


Saving you money is what we are here for. Any given day FuelBros are running dozens of promotions and specials at our Travel Centers. Far too many deals to list here, so motor in to your nearest FuelBros location to take advantage of some fantastic offers!


There is nothing like a good shower after a long day behind the wheel. FuelBros Travel Centers have the cleanest shower stalls on the interstate. Every shower is sanitized by our dedicated porters before every use and includes two freshly-laundered, trucker-sized towels, a bath mat and washcloth, liquid and bar soap, a wall-mounted oscillating fan and a hairdryer.

Overnight Truck Parking

When it’s time to stop for the night you can count on FuelBros for clean and safe overnight parking. Reservations can even be made up to 30 days in advance.



At FuelBros locations in Nevada you can take a shot at our video gaming machines. We bring the casino action to you. Come for a couple of spins or sit down for a session. As the FuelBros like to say “You can not win if you do not play!”